D'hara Sona Shaktar

High Elf Wizard Bladesinger




I have many different rituals, ideas about humor, food, personal space, etc that strike the people of Valypentia as a little off. My attitude is that while I am far from home, everything is strange and wonderful to me. I am fascinated by the people and the land, tho I am bound to helping my people on my quest to the new land. I am however often unaware that my words and actions can seem odd, confusing and occasionally rude.

My island was protected in part by a powerful gem for thousands of years. An elder stole the gem and went to work for the necromancer, using the power of the gem to assist him in return for the power of necromancy. The gem and the corrupted elf were both never seen again after the final battle of the war. It is my mission to return the gem to my people, and try to make amends in some small way for the destruction caused by it. If the elf still lives then i need to take care of him as well.

D'hara Sona Shaktar

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