Seria Morana de Glveranin

Human Warlock




Seria is a middle-aged woman with short black hair and a few dustings of silver at the temples. She’s clearly not from around here, and you all are really not quite sure what she’s up to or why.

What you do know is that she has a propensity for shooting crackling lightning blasts from her fingers, that she can summon a weapon to her hand at will, and that she is much better at seducing young noblemen than a certain other member of the party.

She has also elected to continue staying at Darrien’s inn, rather than accept lodging at Valencar’s uncle’s house.

Oh, and she drinks. A lot.

I added Warlock to the quick description because it was expedient, but your characters might not know that!

Seria Morana de Glveranin

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